Friday, August 6, 2010

Dartmouth Sartorial Revolution

A black and white photograph of a group of men in shorts crowded together.According to the June 1930 issue of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine: "Dartmouth had gone 'shorts' mad, Hanover and neighboring merchants were besieged with orders for shorts of any description, and the campus became a colorful pageant of bare legs and bizarre shorts. Those who could not purchase abbreviations, hacked off their trousers and flaunted legs which never faced the public eye before."  Supporters of the "shorts" movement faced the "opposition" who were dressed in "sheepskins, fur coats, ski jackets, mufflers and mittens."  Though the weather dampened the enthusiasm of the supporters of the new fad, they prevailed and the opposition movement "suffered at the hands of the rebels."

To see this image and more Dartmouth style, ask for the photo files on college life and clothing.


  1. I love the shorts, knee socks, and top hat ensemble!

  2. those shorts were cool, i can tell that everyone in the picture love it too :)