Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Make it the Best Year Ever!

The Progressive Farmer in January 1942 urged farmers to make 1942 "The Best Year Ever." Considering what had happened only a few weeks earlier on December 7th, 1941, it seems to be an oddly placed show of enthusiasm. 1942 promised to be pretty bad for pretty much everyone, but The Progressive Farmer was ready to rally the farmers to the war effort.

The cover art, "The New Day and the New Year," is a reproduction of J. J. Lankes's painting "New Dawn." It depicts Robert Frost's farm in South Shaftsbury, another odd choice for the magazine. Frost may have been the most successful American poet of his generation, but he was never a very adept farmer. Lankes frequently worked with Robert Frost. He illustrated several of Frost's books and helped Frost create many of his famous Christmas cards.

"Vermont Dawn," silkscreen by J. J. Lankes
Whatever you thought of the past year, maybe it is best to take the advice of The Progressive Farmer and plan to make the next one the best year ever.