Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Cool Inside!

A photograph of a taxidermied penguin in front of a row of bookshelves.
Okay, it really is nice and cool in Rauner--one of the benefits of working with rare materials is you usually are in an area with great climate control--but, it is also very "cool" in Rauner. Where else can you walk up to a desk, ask to see a 500-year-old manuscript or the first edition of your favorite 19th-century novel, and, moments later, be sitting at a table with it?

We also have a penguin (naturally, doesn't everyone?), but he did not come to us as part of our world renowned polar exploration collection. This Adelie penguin in its juvenile plumage was given to Sherman Adams (Class of 1920), Eisenhower's White House Chief of Staff, by Admiral Richard Byrd.  Adams passed "Byrd's bird" on to Dartmouth in 1964, where it took up residence in Special Collections. It is most at home in the Rauner Rooke[ry] Reading Room.

So, get out of the heat and enjoy the cool comfort of Rauner this summer.

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