Friday, November 27, 2009

A French Perspective on the American Revolution

An illustrated page of text showing Liberty at the signing of the Treaty of Paris.This recently acquired collection of engravings commemorating the American Revolution was published as Recueil d'estampes representant les differents evenemens de las guerre qui a procure l'independance aux Esta unis de l'Amerique (Paris: Ponce & Godefroy, circa 1784). It depicts scenes of battle, highlighting those where French forces played a role and is the first French book to mention the United States in its title. Pictured here is Liberty being ushered in (carrying the banner of Louis XVI and Charles III) at the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

Ironically, our copy once belonged to Caroline, duchesse de Berry.  Caroline lead her own failed rebellion in 1832 against King Louis-Phillipe in an attempt to place her son on the throne. She was arrested and exiled to her native Italy.