Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not Suitable for Children

a cartoon of a goat perched on a rock, captioned "Financial News: Goat Milk is Higher than Ever."On March 2, the National Education Association is celebrating the birthday of Ted Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. On that day, schools around the country will have guests coming in to read Seuss stories and some lucky students will lunch on green eggs and ham. Here at Rauner, you can reflect on the good doctor's beginnings. Geisel '25 honed his craft writing for the campus lampoon magazine, The Jack-O-Lantern and adopted his nom de plume after he was caught on campus with alcohol during Prohibition. Unfortunately, most of the humor in the Jack-O was written for college-age men in the 1920s and is not particularly suitable for elementary school students. But, here are two of his milder cartoons for your enjoyment on Dr. Seuss Day.

A series of cartoons showing fantastical animals including a goat-bird hybrid, a hoofed dog creature with three bears balancing on its back, and an elephant with only two legs, both ending in sneakers. The caption reads "Why is it when one sees animals like this one never has a gun along?"
If you want to see more, ask for the 1924-25 volume of the Jack-O (DC History LH1.D3 J3 vol. 17).