Friday, February 3, 2023

Altered States: An Exhibit of Books Broken, Censored, Marked Up, and Made Art

In an age of mechanical and digital reproduction, it is easy to think that books are static objects. But they are not: we alter them in myriad ways. We write in their margins, cut them up, censor them, throw them out, re-bind them, and create new art with them. Books do have their fates. To see some of these altered creations, come to Rauner and explore the current exhibit on our mezzanine.

This exhibit was curated by Daniel Abosso, Subject Librarian (Baker-Berry Library), and installed by Lizzie Curran, Assistant Conservator (Baker-Berry Library). The poster was designed by Samantha Milnes, Collection Management Assistant (Rauner Special Collections Library). The exhibit will be on display in Rauner Special Collections Library's Class of 1965 Galleries from January 3, 2023, until March 17, 2023. You can also visit the exhibit's webpage, where you can download a poster or read more about the individual items on display.