Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Federal Music Project in New Hampshire

A paper cover with red text reading "New Hampshire Federal Music Project" and a yellow harp and music note over the silhouette of the state.This ephemeral pamphlet from 1937 is a cross between a promotional piece and an annual report.  The mimeographed typescript briefly describes the Federal Project under the direction of Dr. Nikolai Sokoloff, then focuses in on the New Hampshire Music Project. The advisory board included Maurice Longhurst, Chair of the Dartmouth Music Department, and then Congressman, Charles Tobey.

Started in December of 1935, the project had employed over 80 people in New Hampshire by October 1937 and sponsored a marching band that participated in 191 engagements, a dance orchestra that played 243 times "for the pleasure of 90,172 people," and a symphony orchestra that performed 97 programs "for the pleasure and education of 101,900 people."

The stunning pictorial wrap is an excellent example of WPA style "designed and executed by William J. White of the WPA Federal Art Project."

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