Friday, July 23, 2010

Anaïs Nin

A black and white photograph of Anaïs Nin.Rauner Library holds a small collection of letters by Anaïs Nin.  Of interest is a note where Nin lists the possible sources for her name, which she links together at the end of the note by stating "the only thing they agree on, is moon goddess."  Also included is a letter from September 1975 where she writes about her battle with cancer.  "I suppose you know I have been fighting cancer for 9 months - just recovering very slowly."

Ask for MS-1000 to read the original letters.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Engraved Prayers

A page printed in black with red accents. It shows two columns of text, a pair of biblical illustrations, decorative initials, and a decorative border.This extraordinary little edition of the Book of Common Prayer is executed entirely with engraved plates. No movable type was used, but every letter and every image was engraved on metal plates by John Sturt and printed in 1717 by John Baskett in London.  Nearly every page contains an image as well as decorative and historiated borders.

A page printed in black with red accents, showing a moveable table showing the Sundays in a year.The book, with its luxurious engravings and silver clad cover, is reminiscent of a late medieval book of hours.  It has even been hand ruled in red throughout to add an extra element of craft to the production. The very form elicits a feeling of transcendence suitable to the text within.

A page printed in black with red accents, showing a portrait in profile of King George.There is also a working volvelle: a circular printed sheet that can be manipulated to  calculate Easter and the date of any other Sunday in the year. Lest there be doubt that this book is for the Church of England, the Lord's Prayer is inscribed into the "Effigies of King George."