Friday, January 28, 2011

Shooting Script

A cast list for "The Buccaneer."Rauner holds a collection of film scripts that was established in memory of Hollywood producer Irving Thalberg.  Started in 1937 with a donation by Walter Wagner, the collection has grown to almost 2500 items.  One of these scripts is from Cecille B. DeMille's 1938 version of The Buccaneer, which starred Fredric March and Franciska Gaal.  The copy held by Rauner was presented to the library by DeMille and includes the cast list which is partially handwritten and shows several substitutions for various roles.  Also included in the script are numerous film frames laid in next to the relevant dialog.  The frame here is from "Sequence B."

A dimly lit photograph of a man and woman close together.
What makes you think I'm not a gentleman?

Your rings tell me --

A photograph of Ingrid Bergman leaning back and laughing with two men.Other scripts include newspaper clippings and reviews as well as stills from the film and behind the scenes.  The 1944 version of the thriller Gaslight starred Joseph Cotten and Ingrid Bergman.  They are shown here "relaxing" off screen with director George Cukor.

To see The Buccaneer script, ask for Scripts 37.  To see the Gaslight script, ask for Scripts 2238.  You can also search the catalog for other scripts the library holds.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dartmouth Traditions: Senior Fence

A group of men photographed leaning against a fence.
Seniors posing on the fence
The senior fence was built in 1897 as a place for seniors to gather on the Green. It was originally located along the west side of the green, but moved in 2003.  Seniors sat on the fence to socialize, carve canes and watch events on the Green.  It was also the place where they gathered before or after events associated with Senior Week. In the early years it was reserved for use by seniors, though girls were tolerated.  On the other hand, underclassmen so foolish as to sit on the fence, risked a dunking in the “terrible trough,” a watering trough on the South West corner of the green.

A photograph of the trough on the green.
The Terrible Trough