Friday, April 19, 2019

Botanic Garden

Plate 7: Aster Amellus and Amaraanthus Hpochondroacus
It finally warmed up last Saturday and melted off the rest of the snow in Hanover. Today it might hit 70, the grass is starting to green up, and the forsythia in front of South Fayerweather is blooming. We still have some heavy frosts in store, but the smell of moist earth after the long winter has us dreaming of the garden. To tide us over for another few weeks of brown landscape, here are some hand-colored plates from Sydenham Edwards's New Botanic Garden (London: John Stockdale, 1812).

Title page with floral frontispiece
Plate 22: Dodecatatheon MeadiaPlate 19: Dahlia Pinnata and Dahlia Crocata

To see the plates in person, ask for Rare QK98.E32.

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