Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Campaign Expenses

Expense voucher for two six-packs of beer for Paul NewmanIt is that time again. The New Hampshire primaries are in full swing. The airways are filling with campaign ads, and robo calls are harassing us at dinner. To commemorate New Hampshire's periodic step up onto the national stage, we have just mounted an exhibit, "Up For Grabs: Campaigning, Debating and the New Hampshire Primaries" in the Class of 1965 Galleries. It is full of interesting memorabilia from past campaigns, but perhaps the most intriguing item is a simple expense voucher from 1968 for beer--beer for Paul Newman.

In 1968 the Associate Director of Dartmouth College's Public Affairs Center, David Hoeh, helped to persuade Senator Eugene McCarthy to enter the New Hampshire Primary. He coordinated McCarthy's campaign that ended up restructuring the whole race. McCarthy's strong showing in New Hampshire led to President Johnson's decision not to seek reelection and Robert Kennedy's entrance into the fray. Hoeh had a little help: one of McCarthy's biggest backers was Paul Newman, who parlayed his fame into support for the little-known Senator. Apparently, one of his needs on the campaign trail was a supply of beer. His tastes seemed modest: $2.50 bought two six-packs.

You can see the voucher now through February 9th in the exhibition. After that, ask for ML-56, Box 6, Folder 2.

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