Friday, October 9, 2015

Welcome Home

John Flaxman's image of Odysseus slaying the suitorsWe know you are going to have a better Homecoming than poor Odysseus. What a nightmare--coming home to find his house infested with suitors and his kingdom in disarray. This image is one of the tamer ones in John Flaxman's suite of images for the Odyssey.

Dartmouth Night is upon us, the bonfire is built and ready to blaze despite the rain. It is about welcoming back the alumni while welcoming in the new class. It is always a festive weekend and the fall colors make campus seem like paradise. We hope your homecoming is bucolic and filled with fun--and everything Odysseus's was not.

To see more of Flaxman's images, ask for Illus F619h copy 3.

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