Friday, February 1, 2019

Frozen Beauty

Icebergs in a channel with a pink sky backdrop
It has been a bit nippy in the lower 48 this week with the arrival of the polar vortex. We were spared the worst of it, but still, temperatures have been well below zero the last couple of nights and yesterday was pretty brutal if you were facing into the wind. Luckily for us, we have the Stefansson Collection on Polar Exploration at hand, so whenever we feel too oppressed by the long winters in Hanover, we can find plenty of books that describe much worse. We can also find books that remind us of the pure beauty of winter, when the stars are crystals in the night and the sun sparkles off of the snow. Today, we will opt for the beauty.

A sailing ship with ice hanging from the mast in ice filled waters
To see more, ask for W. H. Browne's Ten Coloured Views Taken During the Arctic Expedition of Her Majesty's Ships "Enterprise" and "Investigator" (London: Ackermann, 1850) at Stef G610 .B88.

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