Friday, August 31, 2018

Cringy Cool

portrait of young DickensThe first response to an over-the-top Cosway binding is either, "Oh, it's beautiful," or, "Oh my God..." with a cynical shake of the head. They both work and, depending on my mood on any given day, I can go either way. Luckily, this week we cataloged a two-volume set of Dickens's Pickwick Papers with classic Cosway-style bindings incorporating portraits. The inside cover of volume one sports a miniature of the young novelist, while volume two shows him in his maturity. So, you can cringe at one and marvel at the other! While you react, you can calm your agitation by stroking the silk endpapers.

Portrait of old Dickens with sil end papers shown
Come on in and take a look by asking for Sine  B767pos. Oh yeah, it also has an original Dickens signature tipped in.
Dickens's signature

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