Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Poster for "Insta-Exhibit" exhibition. It shows nine images from Rauner Library's Instagram: an Ethiopian scroll; a cuneiform tablet; a jugsaw puzzle; a minitature book of Rudolph; a marbled endpaper; two people and a piece of the Old Pine; a manuscript drawing of a ship; a mineature book next to a hair pin; an a detail from a medieval manuscript.This is getting absurd. Here I am using one form of social media (this blog) to promote a physical exhibition that is based on another form of social media (Instagram) that, at least for us, is a virtual gallery of our physical objects. Arghh, to almost quote xkcd, It's So Meta Even This Acronym....

But really, it is a great exhibit that you should come in and see. It features items from some of our most popular Instagram posts from the past 18 months. The actual physical objects are in the cases alongside the wise and whimsical commentary of Bay Lauris ByrneSim '15 and Hannah Chung '16.

So, even if you are not on Instagram, now you can enjoy our posts through May 1st! And, if you are on Instagram, follow us at @raunerlibrary.

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