Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Therapy Book

This book feels so great. It is a limited edition book of German folktales produced in Berlin in 1918 with a gold-stamped suede binding. Usually this kind of thing is a nightmare for Special Collections. Suede bindings generally don't hold up well, and after a hundred years, every time you touch one, leather dust comes off and you have to go wash your hands. We have to wrap them up so they don't pollute the books near them.

But this copy of Deutsche Märchen (Berlin: B. Cassirer, 1918) used really nice leather that has held up remarkably well. When we paged it for class last week we were stunned by the tactile sensation of the book--it just made us feel good.  So, if you are stressed out, come in and pet our therapy book by asking for Illus S632g.

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