Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vortex of Misery

Oh dear, be careful who you fall in love with! We just bought a little booklet with a dire warning: Miss Eliza Rossell: A Tale of the Unfortunate-Female, written by "a Friend." Poor Miss Eliza made an unfortunate decision in life. She was wooed by a rake, Mr. Seldon. He had a little property, but as Eliza's wise father noted, it was not from "his own hard earnings." Only after she eloped did she learn he was nothing less than a cutthroat highwayman.

Image of Eliza's lover being shot
He is killed in a robbery attempt, and Eliza returned home in a fever with her children. She made a full confession to her family then promptly passed out. Her family feared her dead, but then she stirred:
Looking around in amazement, she said, "oh, what a pleasant dream I have had! I thought I had made my confession to you and you had all forgiven me, and were going to take care of my poor, fatherless children"
Image of Eliza's confession
Her father (not only wise, but just) reassured her that it was not a dream, and that all had been forgiven. After a bit more melodrama, poor Eliza died. The moral of the story is clear:
Thus we see the end of one who, early in life, bid fair to prosper and be happy; but who, by one false step, in disregarding the advice of her friends, was plunged into a vortex of misery, from which no human efforts could deliver her.
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