Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Frontpage of L"AuroreWe just acquired an original issue of L'Aurore from January 13, 1898: that is the issue with what must be one of the most famous headline's in the history of French journalism: "J'Accuse...!"  The article is Émile Zola's famous open letter damning the French government for its handling of the Dreyfus Affair. So much has been written about the importance of Zola's attack and the international protests it inspired, that we won't try to add anything here.

But, what is so cool about having the original artifact is the ability to see Zola's words in context. After all, it was just another day in Paris, and the mundane, while pushed off of the front page, is still well represented.
Announcement of motorcycle race
There are various announcements, reviews, news from the financial markets, a commentary on a bicycle race, and another on a motorcycle race. There are ads for booksellers, patent medicines, and a wine merchant. And, best of all, you could rent a well appointed apartment on the rue Saint-Lazare for 3,750 francs.

Ad for apartment for rent
To see for yourself, ask for Rare DC354.Z86 1898.

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