Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Along the Connecticut

A color photograph of a dirt road framed by trees and greenery.
Setting out on the journey
We have so many things that are really cool, but that we know almost nothing about. Take this one for example, Along the Connecticut 1912.  It is a photo album of scenes from the Upper Valley and around Dartmouth campus. The only information we have is the title on the spine with the year and a stamp indicating that it was bound by Alex. Moore, Binder, 11 Hamilton Pl. Boston. Who assembled this?  Who hand tinted most of the photographs?  Who paid to have such a luxurious binding, complete with glassine interleaving for each image? There is no gift plate, and no indication that it was done at Dartmouth.  The only thing we know is that the person who did it loved the area and had money to make it look great.

A black and white photograph of Webster Hall.
Our own Webster Hall
A color photograph of a graveyard.
The somber, romantic end
As the ice breaks up on the river, come in and enjoy some beautiful summer views "Along the Connecticut" by asking for DC History F12.C7 A46.

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