Tuesday, February 10, 2015


A diagram involving a sun and two ribbons of numbers moving between a pair of vases and spheres.We got to Robert Fludd through Thomas Cromwell.  It doesn't make much sense at first (but neither did Fludd most of the time). Really, it is Hilary Mantel's fault.  While waiting for the third part of the Wolf Hall trilogy to come out, we read her older books, including Fludd. That made us wonder about the real Fludd which brought us to his Philosophia Moysaica (Gouda: Petrus Rammazenius, 1638).

A diagram showing various spherical celestial bodies, as well as small depictions of Dionysus and Apollo.
He is not a charismatic clergyman who seduces nuns as Mantel paints him. But he has a lot of cool diagrams that somehow seek to explain the connections between the heavens and the earth, God and Man, the macrocosm and the microcosm. He also has some things to say about "weapon salve." Apparently, rubbing healing herbs on a blade that cut you will help the wound to heal (or not--it is hard to tell). Beyond that... well, come in and take a look yourself by asking for Rare Q151.F58 1638.


  1. Hello,
    for a book we are writing at the moment we need the second picture of fludd as an original link. Where did you get this photo? Is it original?
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  2. Dear Janek,

    The images are shot from our copy of the book.