Friday, February 21, 2014

Young George Washington

A page of handwriting and some math.Happy Birthday, George. To celebrate, we have trotted out some memories of your youth. We know you really didn't chop down a cherry tree, but you must remember the day, when you were a lad of 13, working out this mathematical equation. Your handwriting was beautiful!

Then, at 18, working as a surveyor, you plotted out 240 acres in a "Tract of Waste" where the Cacapon and the Potomac meet, bounded, as you put it, by "2 hickorys and a Spanish Oak."
A page of handwriting and a small map.

Who knew then that you'd become a general and the President? Or, that people would save locks of your hair as relics? We have plenty of manuscripts from those days as well, but we will save them for another birthday (including your letter to the Dartmouth Trustees).

Ask for MS-1033 to see the rest of our George Washington Collection.

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