Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Team Spirit

A football poster.Even though the season has ended for the Dartmouth football team, it's not too late to indulge in some nostalgia over past victories.  Leaf through programs from the earliest days of sport in the 19th century through the present.  Not only can you catch up on your stats, but you can also watch the evolution of advertising and cover art design.

In addition to the programs, Rauner also has photographs, memorabilia, and the records of the Athletic Department.  Ask for D.C. History GV 957 .D3 D37 to see the programs and DA-169 for the records of the department.  There are also many football related photo files containing additional images.

A poster for a 1957 game against Harvard.
1957, vs. Harvard

A poster for a 1911 game against Harvard.
1911, vs. Harvard

A poster for a 1931 game against Holy Cross.
1931, vs. Holy Cross
Come on in and show your team spirit.

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