Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Road Trip

Taking a vacation this summer? Need the best maps available? Well, if it is England you are visiting, you could consult John Ogilby's Itinerarium Angliae: or, a Book of Roads, wherein are Contain'd the Principal; Road-Ways of His Majesty's Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales (London: John Ogilby, 1674), but you might get lost.

The maps are laid out in scroll form on the page ("ribbons of highway?") and take the reader through the countryside noting the locations of inns and other spots of interest to travelers. Because roads twist and turn, but the format of this book insists on straight courses, the perspective is rarely the same even on the same page.  Notice how the compass roses vary across the page, sometimes pointing to the side, other times angling over to the corner of the page.

The maps in this volume were revised over and over, and this book and its successors, Britannia Depicta: or, Ogilby Improved and The Traveller's Pocket-Book, or Ogilby and Morgan's Book of the Roads was the standard source for travelers for well over 100 years.

Come plan your trip with Rare Book G1808.O3 1675.

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