Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Orozco at Dartmouth

A photograph of two men examining an unfinished mural.José Clemente Orozco came to Dartmouth in 1932 at the invitation of art history professors Artemas S. Packard and Churchill P. Lathrop.  His mural The Epic of American Civilization consists of twenty panels which depict the history of the Americas, from the pre-Hispanic to post-colonial periods.  The west wing of the Reserve Corridor in Baker-Berry Library is devoted to the early rise of civilization while the east wing focuses on modern industrial society.  Taken in 1932,  this image shows Orozco and Leo Katz working on the panel The Coming of Quetzalcoatl.

A photograph of an unfinished mural.The Hood Museum's website contains additional information about the murals and the artist, as well as audio tours, a detailed brochure, and visitor guides.  Background information about the murals, including correspondence and other materials can be found in Rauner Library.

Don't miss the "test panel" located off of the west side of the Reserve Corridor titled Man Released from the Mechanistic to the Creative Life.

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