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Adrian Bouchard: First Dartmouth Photographer

The First Dartmouth College Photographer
Adrian N. Bouchard
worked from 1937 - 1976
except for three and a half years
between 1941 - 1945
when he served in the US army.

An article in The Dartmouth, January 9, 1941
reads "Bouchard and Cutler Leave For Army."

Tuckerman Ravine
winter 1937-1938
Adrian Bouchard first came to Hanover to work in the Ford Sayre Ski school which may explain how he had the skill and agility to maneuver to this high vantage point with medium format camera equipment to shoot skiers in action.
Negative D 152.

Bouchard was able to capture students activities on campus and off. From the November 1946 Dartmouth Alumni Magazine: This month's cover picture was taken atop Mt. Moosilauke during the annual D.O.C. Freshman Trip before the opening of college. Adrian Bouchard was the photographer.
Negative 11-46-01

People in town for a football game pause by the Hanover Inn in the fall of 1955.
Negative 10-55-92

Headline in the Valley News
April 26, 1963
"Bouchard Wins Several Awards at Photo Show"

New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association first prize commercial division.
Negative 3-63-130

Evidence of a clever student activity is recorded in this image made from a 35mm Ektachrome transparency taken in June 1966.
Baker Library tower 5-13

Photography as pictorial history shows that women had become an integral part of college life in the 1970s.
Negative 1-72-1051 (1052-1053-1054-1055-1056)

Meticulous hand written records providing information about the photographs made by Adrian Bouchard were created by Anne H. Scotford from 1961 - 1989. Her article, in the November 1985 Dartmouth College Library Bulletin, Photographic Records, Now in Baker details how the Photographic Bureau was managed and where it was located during Bouchard's tenure.

Only a small set of photographs taken by Adrian Bouchard in a category called College Life A - Z are described in the catalog.

Text-only records also appear in the catalog for the work of subsequent college photographers Stuart Bratesman (1985 - 1993) and Joseph Mehling (1993 to the present).

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