Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uncommon Book

Described as a self-consciously hand-made object, "Common Threads" by Candace Hicks is a hand-embroidered canvas book that some have also described as a sculpture.

Because it is shaped like a book, (or our expectations of a book, anyway), and because it has words on a "page," I am still left wondering about its "bookness." The narrative, as such, captures daily events as they emerge and get "jotted" down, (well, sewn in, actually).

"Her choice of the book as a principle medium is due to the phenomenon of the book as authoritative. Books provide an arena in which fiction can be accepted as fact and observations can take on a mythic narrative quality." -- Booklyn Artists Alliance

Oh, this is Common Threads IV. The artist is still considering how and to what extent a series will emerge.

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