Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ski Futurista

"Sci" and "Atletica Leggera" are two images from a set of 10 xilographs.  What are xilographs?

Xilographs are a type of woodcut or engraving on wood emphasizing the grain of the wood.

These images are part of Aerosilografo, Aeropittore, Aeroscultore, Futurista -- a work by Renato Di Bosso and F.T. Marinetti from about 1941.

As part of the 16 page monograph, there is also a one-page text by Marinetti and a facsimile of the Futurist manifesto l'Aerosilografia by Di Bosso.

The powerful original graphics include an abstract portrait of Marinetti and images of men moving, playing, and working.

A simple yet beautiful work combining old techniques with new ideas.

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