Friday, April 9, 2010

Prints à la poupée

Poetry by Hughes, Engravings by Baskin, Work by Gehenna, Wow. Oh, and learn about à la poupée prints all at the same time.

"A book of twenty new poems by Ted Hughes & twenty-five engravings by Leonard Baskin. The poems will not be reprinted in the poet's lifetime. Capriccio is conceived on a grand scale, it is a large folio, & pleases in harmonious deployment of illustration & type. These poems are revelatory of the human condition & represent England's Poet Laureate at his most powerfully convincing. The poems probe at reality with characteristic intensity."

So reads the prospectus from Gehenna Press anticipating the publication of Capriccio in the Spring of 1990.

A wonderful work to see and feel directly.

Ask for Rauner Presses G274huc

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