Friday, February 26, 2010


Media: Beet juice, drawing, graphite, hand cutting, inks, mono-printing, painting, pastel, pencils, tumeric, xylene ink transfer, and other media. "Inset on the inside back cover are a row of Datura stramonium seeds... poisonous and psychotropic."  Goodness, what are we adding to the collections?

Organik's artist's book, Vertebrae (Brooklyn: Artichoke Yink Press and Organik, 2009) came to Dartmouth as a result of a class visit from book artist Marshall Weber last Spring.  After presenting books offered by the Booklyn Artists Alliance to a book arts workshop class, we asked the class what book they would buy if they were responsible for building the collections.  The overwhelming choice was Vertebrae, a book that presents "the intersection of human and plant form" through a collage of organic materials.

The book provides a perfect juxtaposition with our tremendous collection of historical anatomies.  Ask for Rauner Presses A778orve to experience this unique book.

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