Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dartmouth Chocolates

Image of Dartmouth Chocolate adversitement showing a well dressed man in an overcoat with a hat carrying a box of chocolates. There are two women, also well dressed clinging to his arm. Each woman holds a Dartmouth pennant.For Valentine's Day we offer you some Dartmouth Chocolates from Smith and Sons of White River Junction. From the cover of this 1912 promotional pocket calendar included with the chocolates, they seem to have an almost magical power. This Dartmouth Man's one-pound box has attracted a Gibson Girl for each arm. Is it him, or the chocolates they are after? To be safe, better get the chocolate!

The text inside the pocket calendar promises that you can exchange six them for a full size poster of the image, "one of the most beautiful things Mr. Clarence Underwood ever painted." We only have two...

image of a round hard candy with Dartmouth College and a D worked into the candy in greey.
Inside our chocolate box is a little mystery. A piece of hard candy with "Dartmouth College" and the Dartmouth D worked into it. We're not sure why it is there, but it still looks edible.

To take a look ask for Realia 140.

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