Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Garden for the Rose

An amazing new book just came into our collections: Sensuite le jardin plaisance et fleur de rethorique (Paris: Jehan Trepperel and Jehan Jehannot, ca. 1515). This "Garden of Pleasure," is a collection of 15th century French poetry complied to serve as a kind of theatrical reading. Read or sung out, the verses would have carried its original readers on a journey through courtly love. It is the perfect companion to our Roman de la Rose manuscript.

The compilation is especially important for being the first to print many 15th century French poems. Included are Christine de Pisan, Charles d'Orléans, and François Villon among others.

Come in and enjoy the garden by asking for Rare PQ1307.J3 1502z.

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