Friday, May 13, 2016

Nothing to Write

While looking for books to use for a class
We found a long poem about a vain Lass,
"Nothing to Wear," poor rich girl, a pity.
It rhymed, of course, and was oh so witty.

Then we found the sequel, a parody
Titled "Nothing to Do" by "a Lady"
About an idle young man whose life was a bore.
Both poems a hit, the public wanted more.

Next came a volume, so slender and neat
T'was a spoof on a spoof, "Nothing to Eat!"
One by one, this doggerel did appear
And all were written in just the same year!

So come see them, read them, and you will learn
That life is best lived with something to earn.

Nothing to Wear (New York: Rudd and Carleton, 1857), Val 816B974 T7
Nothing to Do (New York Wiley & Halsted, 1857), Rare PS2014.H16
Nothing to Eat (New York: Dick and Fitzgerald, 1857), Rare PS991.A1 N63 1857

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